Desirable, Sublime, Soulful: Ferrari Spider

04 May Desirable, Sublime, Soulful: Ferrari Spider

Ferrari 360 Spider bestows the ultimate driving experience for the enthusiast driver. An icon of design, rattling the ear drums, the Spider features a 3.6L V8 engine and 400 horsepower that allow top speeds of 180 miles per hour.  It rockets from 0 to 62 mph in only 4.5 seconds making it one of the fastest convertible cars money can buy.

This model replaced the Ferrari F355 and the manufacturer partnered for this one with Alcoa, in order to come up with an entirely new chassis which is all-aluminium space frame. Together with it came the body styling which broke ranks with former sharp angles and flipping headlights so known ten years ago, replacing them with a more curved appearance that was so constant to the 1960s. The new engine is used on all versions and is only slightly larger and stronger than the F355′s. However, the lighter frame and increased stiffness has improved car’s performance;

Driving alfresco, with the roof down, lets the superb sound of the revving engine fill your ears and it does not affect the car’s handling prowess. A good thing about this car is that when it comes to handling an inexperienced driver is looked after while the keener one is offered a lot of entertaining and excitement. The ride is not a smooth one, however, as the 360 Spider is tightly set and falls a lot on suspension set-up that is sports like.  It presents itself with very low profile tyres which come at hand on bumpy and rough roads. The traction control is standard ESP and the car is equipped with ABS brakes which are extremely good, though from time to time they require expensive maintenance.

The shape has been wind tunnel tested and generated more down force than previous models. Stylistic improvements consist in the elimination of the pop-up headlights and the creation of “nostrils “on both sides of the front fascia which replaced the more traditional way of air intake. It is more of the 60s Ferrari design.  It is also the first car that comes with a clear glass engine covert. In interior it sports supple leather and material that are of highest quality, whereas the ergonomics of the driving post is an excellent balance between the simplicity of the driving focus and luxury.

It is faster, quicker, more agile on the road and even more comfortable than other Ferraris.  A car cannot be more alluring unless it is a Ferrari 360 Spider.