A New Jaguar In Town – Long Live the V8

New car alert: A new Jaguar F-Type R has been added to our car fleet for rent in the greater Montreal area! Are you ready for the thrills?

With its 550 horsepower, the Jaguar F-Type is the ultimate British coupe of the recent years! Climb aboard this sports car with its athletic design reminiscent of the best years of Jaguar. Inspired by the spectacular E-Type, you will definitely turn heads and most certainly ears!


With its V8 engine, get ready to hear a roar like you’ve never heard before!

With its interior focused on the driver, you will certainly be at the forefront of the exceptional sensations that the F-Type will have to give you!

Press the button that activates the exhaust valves to let yourself be lulled by the music of the engine and the famous “POPs” for which the F-Type is famous!

For good sensations, head across the country roads of Mirabel and its sinuous curves!