14 Aug Evolution of the Japanese Ferrari-Acura NSX

It was a legend, since the beginning of the nsx, it is a huge success this japanese maker used all advanced technology they had from the experience of F1 races . which beaten almost all supercars at that time including ferrari. It redefined the meaning...

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31 Jul The missile on the road-AMG-GTS

after the huge success of Mercedes-AMG formula one team. this is what AMG bring to us, compare to its big brother sls, it looks more gentle, and more sexy. on the other hand it has a smaller engine and less horsepower and it doesnt even...

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19 Jun PORSCHE 718 Boxster- one more step closer to the sky!

what could be more comfortable than crusing at this nice weather with a top-down? Take a look at Porsche’s latest version of its Boxster roadster, the 718. This baby monster comes from a successful convertible and mid-engine’d race car from the late ’50s. The implication...

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