02 Apr Cayman S vs SLK 250

One’s a mid-engined coupe; the other’s a front-engined convertible. A flat six powers one, the other one uses forced induction on a four banger; What we know for sure is that are both part of our fleet for this summer, available for rent as soon as this spring!

The Cayman S makes for a change, as you may be used to our multiple Boxsters by now, in the way that you will have a hard top for everyday driving conditions and keeping the convenience of the Boxster’s short wheelbase. On the S Model, power comes from a bigger 3.4L flat six placed just behind the seats for greater handling, and output is rated at a very impressive 325 hp, more than enough to bring a smile on you and your passenger’s face!

The SLK 250 is our replacement for our old white SLK280. Lighter, more fun and still open-top, what’s not to like? Our 2014 model comes in Red Mars with black interior, a killer combo for a ride in town or a nice excursion outside of Montreal. The V6 is dropped for a 1.8L 4 cyl. turbo, with just 18 less horses, if you understood well, that means less trips to the gas station for you (but mostly for us!).

So, which one of these German toys will be your pick this summer? Keep an eye out for promotions on certain vehicles over the upcoming season.