Tour Description

Your day will start at 8am with a private complimentary breakfast, coffee, and snacks to begin your day. Our staff will then begin to guide the group to the vehicles and offer a brief crash-course for each vehicle. After everyone is ready, we will take a drive through the back streets of Lachute, which will then lead us to the mountains of Montebello with beautiful views and beautiful open roads. Upon reaching Montebello, we will take a small snack and bathroom break. From Montebello, we will take a drive through the mountains leading us to Mont-Tremblant, where we will have an organized, all included lunch waiting. After that, we will hit the open road back to Loue La Vie Exotics.


The total drive time is roughly 4h-6h, depending the size of the group, you will get a minimum of 2h-3h of driving time over 350km-400km. 

To be able to participate in one our Exotic Tours, you must be a minimum age of 21 with a valid drivers license, as well as a valid credit card.

All our routes are fully customizable. We offer a variety of different customizable routes. 

No, there are no extra fee(s), the price’s are only plus applicable taxes.

You can give us a call or can

We offer an extensive collection of premium vehicles from some of the most well-known and sought-after brands, including Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Lotus, Jaguar and many more!

If you decide to cancel your reservation, it is necessary to do so at least 14 days prior to the planned date. If you fail to cancel your reservation within the required time frame, a cancellation fee of 10% of the original group price plus any applicable taxes will be imposed.

Drive within the speed limit specified in the rental agreement. Our vehicles are fitted with tracking and anti-theft devices that give a comprehensive report on your driving. Exceeding the speed limit will result in immediate deduction of your security deposit and the vehicle will be disabled remotely. If the police impound the vehicle due to speeding or other traffic violations, the renter will be responsible for all related expenses, including towing, impound, storage fees, and daily rental rates while the vehicle is impounded.

Take advantage of the opportunity to capture memorable moments with your loved ones before and after the tour. You are welcome to bring along as many guests as you desire for photo opportunities. For an even more enjoyable experience, consider purchasing seats for them to join you on the tour.