Mercedes G550


4.0l v8 automatic transmission Horsepower: 650hp Torque: 509 lb-ft

Classe 4
About This Project

Luxury at your disposal!

Our new G-Wagon, the G550, even after almost 40 years this SUV is still the king of the road, Our metallic white on brown interior, G550 as it all, the looks that set it apart from the rest, and the power to take on even the slickest of sports cars, If you’re looking to make a presence or just for a weekend getaway then look no further than here, you can rent this G550 from Loue la Vie for only 1299$ per day!  Come rent this G63 or any other exhilarating cars from Loue la Vie exotics. Call now or reserve online!

EPA-icon  25 mpg /11.5l/100km        vitesseicon3.6sec          hp_icon  650 hp          topspeed 200mph/320kph