Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2: Why the Rear-Drive Lambo Is the Better Lambo!

13 Aug Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2: Why the Rear-Drive Lambo Is the Better Lambo!

Drives like… a car. I know – this seems a little, um, obvious. But listen, if you’ve ever tried to drive a Nissan GT-R in stop-and-go traffic, constantly fighting the immediacy of the turbocharged power delivery, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The Huracán handles city commuting with aplomb. It’s not an always-on beast that you have to tame between stoplights. In the default Strada drive mode, it’s comfortable and compliant over bumps. Forward visibility is great. The throttle has progressive response, and the engine doesn’t assault you with power right off the line. Even the steering is relatively light, though still direct, and a joy to use around town. Oh, and the front-end hydraulic lift is super helpful for steep driveways and speedbumps. I won’t dare put this into daily driver territory, but just running errands around Los Angeles, it’s easy to drive as a Camry. Just cooler. Way cooler.

One of the best driver’s cars on the road today. Get out of the city and onto a winding road, and man oh man, this thing comes to life. I can’t remember the last time I drove a car this willing, this capable, and this communicative. Switch the drive mode to Sport, and everything gets sharper. The steering is a textbook example of great weight and greater feedback. The chassis is superb and lets the Huracán cut through corners like an exacto knife. Standard steel brakes remain confident even after hours of use, though I’d still probably opt for the ceramic units for more initial bite in the brake pedal. And that sound. Oh god, that sound. When electric motors and turbos finally take over the world, I am really going to miss the sweet, sweet wail of a naturally aspirated V10 that winds out to a 8,500 rpm climax. And it’s fast. So fast. Driving this car on a beautiful day along a ribbon of pavement is the absolute definition of bliss.

Looks like a goddamn supercar. Every one of the competitors I list below are gorgeous cars, but I’ll argue the Huracán is the coolest of the lot – a truly superlative supercar. No kid is putting a poster of a 911 Turbo on their bedroom wall – it’s this angular, aggressive, sex-on-wheels Huracán.

Coolness carries over to the interior. I never get tired of having to lift the red cover over the engine start button; all the toggles feel like they’re straight out of a fighter jet. The fonts and colors and display in the fully digital instrument cluster are as angular as the Lambo’s exterior design. Hell, even those $5,600 carbon composite housings for the air vents and door handles look totally rad. The Huracán brings all the emotion of the exterior design into the cabin, and doesn’t come at the expense of luxury and livability. Quite the opposite, actually – this is a wonderfully appointed interior, with comfortable, supportive seats, and great materials everywhere you might put your hands. Well, except for the slide-out cupholder in the dash – that thing’s just stupid.

Trust me, you want the Spyder. This RWD Huracán Spyder is 265 pounds heavier than its hardtop sibling, but driving this car with the roof down takes the experience to new levels. Plus, it doesn’t hurt the Huracán’s design – all of the bold character lines remain intact. Honestly, to my eyes, this thing looks better as a roadster. (I look forward to arguing with all of you about this in the comments.)