Lamborghini Huracan – The racing bull that you can drive every day!

12 Jun Lamborghini Huracan – The racing bull that you can drive every day!

As the most popular Lamborghini ever, the Gallardo has a new successor now.  The company has only sold 30,000 cars in its entire history, but 14,000 of them were Gallardos. Lambo is relying on the Huracan to repeat that success,

So this is a case of more of the same?

Kind of, but we’re not talking about a facelift here – this chassis is brand new. It’s an aluminium structure, but features a centre tunnel and rear bulkhead made from carbon fibre. Lamborghini says that it’s 10% lighter and 50% torsionally stiffer than the Gallardos.

sharing the whole powertrain with the new audi r8, they are both using  a naturally-aspirated 5.2 V10 engine as per Gallardo, but now it has both direct- and multi-point injection. It makes 602bhp at 8250rpm (610ps, hence the name, compared with 560ps in the last Gallardo), and 413lb ft at 6500rpm, which is where the real kick in the back lives. 0-62mph takes 3.2sec, a 0.5sec improvement on the old car. In fact, Lambo’s engineers told us that it’s as quick as its Aventador big brother.

You can have magnetorheological adaptive dampers as an option for the first time, which, together with the vastly better low-speed pedal feel and smooth transmission, massively broadens this car’s repertoire. The aim was to make a car that was easy to drive, a car that a driver of any ability could get in and enjoy.

Also the system is using the audi mmi being modified in a much cooler way, like a fighter jet as for sure the reliability could be trusted.

The Anima selector, which translates as ‘soul’ and is Lambo’s answer to Ferrari’s manettino, gives a choice of Strada, Sport and Corsa settings. Corsa is the hardest, loudest, fastest way to lap a track, but Sport has a more pronounced rear torque bias and is actually more fun.

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