04 May Mercedes Is Still the Best

A lot of people are debating about the quality of German cars. In recent times, Japanese cars are hitting the roads of United States and Europe. The durability of their cars have been sending negative vibes to fans of European cars. They would doubt European car making skills and tend to ask “isn’t Mercedes the best car maker?” In terms of mechanical prowess, Mercedes cars are superior to any non-European car maker. In fact, there is no car manufacturer that can match the craftsmanship of Mercedes and other European car manufacturers.

The only drawback of using Mercedes cars is the maintenance. It is more costly to maintain a Mercedes car versus a car made in Japan or South Korea. However, the cars made by Mercedes provide a very good mileage when taken care of really well. Also, you need to fill the tank with more expensive gas because of its engine’s requirements. A well-maintained Mercedes car can give you miles and miles of fun driving. Any Mercedes Benz will provide you an excellent driving experience. The cars that Mercedes makes are indeed an engineering wonder. As long as you have the budget to maintain one; it is always nice to own a Benz..