09 Feb Porsche Cayman GT4: Rebels, race on

Over the last months Porsche hinted rather sad news, like the new turbocharged flat-six intended for the next generation 911, covering all models, and thus losing authenticity of the famous “911 Turbo”. Then it was turn for the Cayman/Boxster to undergo downsizing and turbocharging, with a flat-four turbo, which should be lighter, more efficient and also more powerful. This engine should also be ready for the next generation.

After all, Porsche finally decides to reveal something really exciting, and long-awaited too: The Cayman GT4. This is a hardcore, track-ready version that might just be a danger to the historically established 911, thanks to its mid-engine set up and proper tuning. Power comes from the 3.8L flat six used in the Carrera S, and has an output of 385 horsepower. Purists will love the 6-speed manual, which is the only gearbox available, as well as the stripped down interior reduced to the strict necessary.

This could just be the news of the year to track day lovers, and any sports car enthusiasts. According to you, should the Cayman GT4 be a part of our fleet in the following years?