2021 Land Rover Defender


Class 1
About This Project

Welcoming to the fleet the first of its kind rental, for the Land Rover Defender. Our defender is fully decked out with a panoramic sunroof, fitted with all the bells and whistles that a sports utility vehicle needs. Our vehicle has a 3.0  inline 6 with turbocharging utilizing an electric supercharger allowing for a 48-volt hybrid system. At 395 hp, 406 lb-ft of torque this is sure to defeat the toughest of terrains. As well as the Land Rovers before it, it includes all-wheel-drive package and locking differentials. It fits 7 passengers comfortably with a fully controllable cabin climate control system.

EPA-icon  22 mpg/11l/100km          vitesseicon 5.7 sec          hp_icon  395 hp          topspeed 119 mph/191kph