Porsche 718 GT4

About This Car

So when you hear the Porsche 718 GT4’s naturally aspirated flat-six howling toward 8000 rpm, you find yourself taking a deep, refreshing breath. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up, goose bumps trickle down your spine, and—thanks to the dynamic powertrain mounts that firm up when the car is pushed—the frenetic vibrations of the 4.0-liter behind your back course through the car. This thing around you feels alive.

EPA-icon  25 mpg/10.8l/100km          vitesseicon 4.2 sec          hp_icon  414 hp          topspeed 188 mph/304kph


3.8L 6-Cylinder
6-Speed manual transmission
Horsepower: 414hp @ 4200
Torque: 320 @ 2300

Class 3