2022 Porsche 992 GT3


4.0L 6-Cylinder PDK 7 speed automatic transmissionHorsepower: 502hp @ 7200Torque: 339 @ 6500

Class 6, Upcoming
About This Project

We are thrilled to announce that Loue la Vie Exotics will be obtaining the new Porsche 911 GT3 – 2022. Many question whether or not they should be excited for the new GT3 in the Porsche track car lineup. So what is the big talk about the newest Porsche GT3? It still sports the same 4-liter 500 (502 now) horsepower engine; with an upgraded 2 horsepower more, 346 foot-pounds of torque (7 up from the previous generation), and the same redline at 9000 rpm.

Well, the true marvel lies within the aerodynamic features of the car. To any car enthusiast, they will see a Porsche 911, but a differently designed one. See the new Porsche 911 GT3 not only looks good but feels good. Let us explain. Looking at the new Porsche 911 GT3 we can notice one thing has drastically changed, the wing… The new GT3 comes with a manually adjustable swan neck wing, improving downforce by changing up the aerodynamics of the track car. The new generation GT3 sports up to 850 pounds of downforce, an increase of 150% (old version sporting only a mere estimated 285 pounds) which allows for more traction, grip, and less drag on the overall body of the vehicle. While the body stayed mostly the same, the new Porsche GT3 did put on some pounds weighing in at 3200 lbs compared to the 911.2 GT3 RS at 3154 lbs an increase of a mere 46 pounds, consequential to the new bigger 28 mm ceramic braking system and the revised multilink suspension reacting to impacts in less than 10 milliseconds faster than the previous generation. Also features rear-axle steering, wheels, and tires. All an increase of an estimated 20% off the previous generation.

Our take?

We will be pleased to get the chance to drive and give the experience of the last track technology to come out to our clients. As Porsche plans to make their fleet in 2022-23 all-electric we are thrilled to offer the exclusivity to own such a piece of engineering masterwork. Watch the video below to get an in-depth video of the Porsche 911 GT3 – 2022!

EPA-icon  23 mpg/10.2l/100km          vitesseicon 3.4 sec          hp_icon  502 hp          topspeed 195 mph/318kph