Porsche Boxster white

About This Car

This 2015 Porsche has brought us a refreshed version of the Boxster, with a restyled front and rear end, as well as revisited side intakes for the engine. For this new generation, the design is on point, especially when looking at the rear wing, gently merging with the tail lights for both aesthetics and performance purposes. The car is still powered by a 2.7L H6, but this time more powerful and more efficient, with 265 horsepower ! Rent this beauty for 299$ a day at Loue la vie.

EPA-icon  19 mpg/12.5l/100km          vitesseicon 5.3 sec          hp_icon  265 hp          topspeed 164 mph/260kph


2.7L 6-Cylinder
PDK 7 speed automatic transmission
Horsepower: 265hp @ 7200
Torque: 206 lb-ft @ 4400

Class 1