Tesla Model 3 – Grey (Dual Motor)


Long Range, Dual Motor

Class 1, Electric
About This Project

Loue la Vie Exotics – Electric Initiative

Loue la Vie Exotics is proud to present the Tesla Model 3, dual-motor long-range electric sedan. With an entire lineup of 10 Teslas in total coming in we are sure to meet any needs that you require, whether it be transporting, voyaging or just for a trip around Quebec Loue la Vie Exotics, is proud to present a carbon-neutral alternative. Our Tesla Model 3 sports a grey exterior on a black interior, our Tesla Model 3 not only provides functionality in a modern presentation but saves you on gas! Delivering 538 kilometres on a full charge and up to 480 horsepower converted to electric energy, the Model 3 can top speeds of 261 kilometres an hour reaching 0-100 in under 4.4 seconds.

EPA-icon538km        vitesseicon 4.4 sec          hp_icon  480          topspeed 261 kph / 162 mph