Porsche Tours

An escape from the ordinary, Porsche Tours Canada organized by Loue la Vie Exotics features the latest Porsche vehicles in an all-day organized event. Double occupancy per car is required. For more information, click the image above to view the Porsche Tours Canada website.


Need your vehicle cleaned? Detailed? Maybe you've rented from us and would like to keep your car at our garage and require it to be looked after? Any of your personal vehicle needs can be met by our meticulous team of detailing specialists...


A personal concierge service that we offer to our clients. Need a booking to a high-end restaurant? Or maybe tickets for a sports game? Or just looking to go out for the night and plan an event? We have you covered with our exclusive concierge service...

courtesy vehicle

Did you know that Loue la Vie works with all major insurance companies and offer direct billing? Loue la Vie is certified by all major insurance companies in Quebec, why drive a Honda as a replacement vehicle when you can be roaming around in a Porsche or maybe a Tesla? We have many choices to choose from! Did you know that some insurance companies pay up to $10,000 towards payments on a replacement vehicle? Inquire with your insurance company to find out how much they can cover, so you to can benefit from our large fleet of exotic and luxury cars. We also offer free drop-off and pick-up for all your insurance claims, and all this with a 24/7 service! Inquire today!



One of the most important days for our kids is the end of school and the start of adulthood. On this important day, make it unique with a prestigious vehicle from Loue la Vie Exotics! Better yet, still, come rent that perfect car and enjoy it for a full 24 hours; yes, we offer that ideal Prom car for all budgets, starting at only $299 per day! Having over 40 vehicles to choose from, we can appease any tastes. Reserve your perfect prom car today! Private, professional drivers are available with all rentals; please inquire for more information!

Your wedding is the only thing that matters, bride & groom alike are welcome to explore our excellent array of cars available to amplify your celebration. Ask us about our white collection, as we have a wide selection of white 2 and 4-seat convertibles & coupes that are sure to make your day truly special, and starting at only $699.00 per weekend.

Exotic packages

At Loue la Vie Exotics, we offer 3 main packages for our clientele,

-Corporate Package-
-Weekend Getaway Package-
-LLV Exotic Car Tour-

Each of our packages are tailored to specific needs of our clients. Looking for a personalized corporate gift? Maybe you would like to getaway with a group of friends experiencing the finest exotic vehicles around?