What 60 years of evolution looks like

04 May What 60 years of evolution looks like

60 years is huge when you know Mercedes first engaged its cars in motorsport 120 years ago, and it has been a phase of change, technology and improvement.

If the contrast between those two steering wheels is major, you have to keep in mind that one is from the 300 SL, a sports production car, and the other from the W05 Hybrid, this year’s F1 car.

These two wheels therefore have two different functions at the moment of their design. The first, made to be confortable, can only turn. Nothing more. On the other hand, the second wheel does everything, it has much more functions than a regular steering wheel in any car of today.

Featuring many controls and lights, here are some of its key functions: rev-matching DELs, DRS activation/deactivation, team radio, neutral and rear, paddle shifters, various configurations of the KERS system and different air/fuel mixtures to change the car’s performance.

From a simple wheel that steers, we arrive at a wheel linked to a computer that controls the car as a whole.

Do not forget that the rest of the car has evolved during those 60 years too, engines, tires, in short, everything is now full of technology and doesn’t quite look like what we had on the road 60 years ago.

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